2016 Brazil Imports Major Commodities

date of issue:2019-06-13     Source: Agrow
According to the statistics of the Brazilian Foreign Trade Secretariat, from January to June 2016, the import and export volume of bilateral goods between Brazil and China was 30.99 billion dollars, dropped by 12.0%. Among them, Brazil's exports to China were US$ 19.77 billion, up 7.0%, accounting for 21.9% of Brazil's total exports, up 2.3 percentage points; Brazil's imports from China were US$ 11.21 billion, down 32.9%, accounting for 16.8% of Brazil's total imports, down 1.4 percentage point. From January to June, the trade surplus between Brazil and China was US$8.56 billion, an increase of 387.7%.

Brazil imports 2016 China's main commodities are mechanical and electrical products, chemical products and textiles and raw materials. From January to June 2016, the total imports were US$7.65 billion, accounting for 68.2% of Brazil's total imports from China. The import of large-scale products from China has almost fallen across the board. Among them, the import of mechanical and electrical products of the first category of imported products has dropped by as much as 34.8%. The import of textiles, base metals and products of the other two major types of imports has fallen by nearly 50% or more, which is the main reason for the decline in Chinese imports. Overall, due to the large decline in global commodity prices since 2015, Brazil's political situation is unstable and the economy is in recession. Its currency, the Real, has weakened, resulting in a decline in its import demand. The decline in imports from most major import partners has exceeded the average decline in imports.

Brazil's imports in 2016 of China's major commodity components mainly include: mechanical and electrical products, chemical products, textiles and raw materials, transportation equipment and furniture, toys, miscellaneous products and so on.
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