A Catalogue Of Canadian Exports to China

date of issue:2019-07-07     Source: Agrow
In 2017, China's imports from Canada totaled $18.2 billion, accounting for 4 percent of Canada's total exports.3%. The three main categories of imported goods in Canada export products list are:

1.Plant products (including wheat, soybean and other agricultural products) are the first category of products imported from Canada, reaching 3.81 billion us dollars, accounting for 20.9% of total Canada exports to China;

2.Cellulose pulp and paper (including all kinds of fiber materials, paper and other products) is the second largest category of imports from Canada, reaching 2.91 billion US dollars, accounting for 16% of Canada's total exports to China;

3.Mineral products (including ores, coal and other mineral products) are the third category of products imported from Canada, reaching 2.1 billion us dollars, accounting for 11.5% of total Canadian exports to China.

It should be pointed out that China's imports from Canada are growing rapidly. Driven by the substantial growth of the above three categories of commodities, China's total imports increased by 15% in 2017 alone. In the first three quarters of this year, imports grew by 26%.

Of course, it's worth noting that the total value of U.S. imports from Canada in 2017 was $3,196.5 million, or 76% of Canada's total exports. It can be known the US imports 18 times Chinese goods from Canada, accounting for 18 times China's.
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