A Brief Introduction to Customs Trade Data in China

date of issue:2020-05-24     Source: Agrow
Customs trade data is the collective name of bills of lading and customs declaration data. Through these import and export documents, we can intuitively understand the purchasers, suppliers and detailed goods information of each imported goods. This information is the necessary tools and data support to boost international trade. As early as 1966, the United States has opened Customs Trade data worldwide and started the commercialization of Customs-Trade data. In China, Customs Trade data has been introduced since the 1990s, and then some service providers have joined the Customs-Trade data service industry. At present, there are 27 countries that open customs bills of lading and customs data, mainly in Central and North America (the United States, Mexico, etc.), South America (Argentina, Chile, etc.), Europe (Britain, Russia), Asia (India, Pakistan, Vietnam, etc.). Among them, 20 data have been kept up to date, and 14 have importer and exporter trading information. The data are mainly in English, Russian, Spanish and Vietnamese. China's data are divided into China's import and export statistics and Customs-Trade data. China's import and export statistics are eight HS coded statistics, including the total volume and price of transactions, including the corresponding import and export trading countries and Port Trading remittances President's statistics.
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