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date of issue:2019-08-03     Source: Agrow

Agriculture in 2018 and the next few years will face tremendous changes. As farmers, we must see the trends around us in order to follow the trend.

In 2018, our agriculture will face five rises and one fall. What rises and what falls? Is that a good thing or a bad thing?

Please read the following!


Subsidy increase

Now the state subsidies are increasing and becoming more and more refined. Documents have also made it clear that subsidies for agriculture will continue to be increased. This "rise" is absolutely a good thing for our peasants, and it can be conducive to the development and expansion of our agricultural management.

Uncle Rui: I've said many times about subsidies. It's becoming more and more difficult to earn money solely by planting and selling grain. So subsidies have a great guarantee for our income growth. The current trend is that GSP subsidies will be less and less, and special subsidies will be more and more, which requires us to change our thinking and not let go of any available subsidies.


Agricultural capital increase

1. In 2017, chemical fertilizer and pesticide enterprises panicked all the way because of environmental protection.

2. The environmental protection tax will be levied on January 1, 2018, and the environmental protection supervision will be strengthened continuously. This will inevitably lead to the closure of some small factories and the price increase of large ones.

3. Pesticides and fertilizers are greatly affected by environmental protection. Therefore, it is an indisputable fact that agricultural prices will rise in 2018.

Uncle Rui: This is not a good thing for our farmers. The urgent environmental protection has led to many factories being shut down and reorganized, or even closed down. To a certain extent, this has led to a reduction in the supply of agricultural resources, which is bound to lead to a rise in prices. Recently, everyone has begun to buy agricultural resources. Do you have a deep understanding of it?


Financial Loan Money Rises

For our farmers, the loan is a very important link. Now the financial pressure is very great. If there is no loan support, we may even have a problem with a basic agricultural investment. Now the country has strengthened many aspects of rural finance, including land management rights, can also mortgage loans, which also solves our financial difficulties.
Uncle Rui: Now there are many policies for financial loans, such as discount loans for big grain growers, cooperatives, family farms and other new business entities, which will make it easier and cheaper for us to borrow.


Corn Price Rising

Some analysts said: "Corn prices are still expected to be strong this year, the overall average price is slightly higher than last year. Although there must be some fluctuations in the trend, the overall average price will be five cents higher than last year, that is, 100 yuan higher per ton.
According to the survey, the total yield and total area of Maize in all parts of the country declined last year, and maize is about to enter a situation of shortage of supply and demand. In addition, the production capacity of deep processing industry increased significantly in 2018, which played a strong supporting role in the rise of corn prices.

Uncle Rui: There is no need to say more about the rising price of maize. It is obvious to all. Here I want to remind you that there is always a sword hanging on the head of the rising price of maize. That is, the supply side reform, the adjustment of the maize planting area, the state must control and consolidate the reduced area of maize. More attention should be paid to the non-dominant areas of maize production.


Rising production costs

This is something we all don't want to see, but we have to face. Now all aspects of the cost are rising, from contracting land, purchasing agricultural resources, labor costs and so on are rising, which will make our earning pressure greater.


Reduced Purchase Price of Rice

The National Development and Reform Commission issued the lowest purchase price for rice in 2018, while the lowest purchase price for Japonica Rice in Northeast China was 1.3 yuan per kilogram, down by 0.2 yuan. Last autumn, ordinary varieties of rice in the hands of farmers could be sold to 1.2 yuan at most, and the protection price fell too severely in 2018.
Uncle Rui: Whether you want to accept it or not, these difficulties will be faced by us. We can't wait to die. We should know more about the direction of national policy support and get subsidized support. Only in this way can we reduce our cost risk and make our pockets bigger.
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