China's International Trade Data
International trade data by country is used to observe the total scale of a country's foreign trade.
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Global Trade Statistics 2016
Global trade statistics 2016 points out that in 2016, the global economy shows signs of stabilizing.
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Introduction to Foreign Trade Import and Export
Foreign trade import and export (export and import on the basis of foreign trade), or foreign trade for short, refers to the exchange of goods, services and technologies between one country (region) and another.
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What is Database Trading?
Database trading refers to a real-time, application-oriented database with high timeliness requirements. It only focuses on the latest database, also known as transaction database.
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A Brief Introduction of China Customs Trade Data
Customs trade data is a general designation of bill of lading and customs declaration data.
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The Role of Customs Import Database
As an important foreign trade resource, customs import database has always been an important way for foreign traders to develop customers.
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