Pesticide License Must be Applied for Before August 1. 800,000 Agricultural Dealers Face a Major Shuffle
Is August 1st an impassable barrier?The new Pesticide Management Regulations stipulate that the state should implement the pesticide business license system, and applying for the pesticide business li...
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[NCB]2018 Agriculture Ushered in a
Agriculture in 2018 and the next few years will face tremendous changes. As farmers, we must see the trends around us in order to follow the trend.In 2018, our agriculture will face five rises and one...
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Basf signed an agreement to further acquire bayer's seed and crop protection business and assets
On April 26, 2018, there is a basf signed an agreement to further acquire the businesses and assets bayer intends to divest in order to complete bayer's planned acquisition of monsanto after the acqui...
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China Imports All Argentine Red Shrimp
According to data from the international trade center (ITC), all imports of Argentine red shrimp (HS CODE 030617) totaled 185,440 tons in 2018, up 1.17 percent year-on-year and basically unchanged fro...
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Introduction to Database Transactions
Database transactions: Typically, a database trading consists of a file in which each record represents a transaction. Generally, a transaction consists of a unique transaction identification number, ...
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Global Trade Volume Data
According to the Ministry of Commerce, the WTO has released the world trade statistics report. From the global trade volume data, the world trade in goods and services nearly doubled from 2005 to 2015...
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