Chinese Trade Data and Analysis
According to China's trade data and analysis statistics, the total value of China's import and export of goods totaled 27.79 trillion yuan in 2017, ranking the first in the world for many years in a r...
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A Catalogue Of Canadian Exports to China
In 2017, China's imports from Canada totaled $18.2 billion, accounting for 4 percent of Canada's total exports.3%. The three main categories of imported goods in Canada export products list are:1.Plan...
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China's Overseas Trade Statistics
Overseas trade statistics: overseas trade statistics generally refer to the import and export statistics released by the general administration of customs. The sea customs data refer to the statistica...
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China Customs Trade Data and China Classified Statistics
1.China customs trade dataChina customs trade data, also known as with the enterprise China customs data, or with the enterprise China customs import and export data. China customs data includes detai...
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Customs Import Database Introduction
The China Customs Statistical Yearbook, compiled by the general administration of customs of the People's Republic of China, publishes detailed statistical data on China's foreign trade on an annual b...
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Analysis of Trade Data Between Countries
Recently, the "One Belt And One Road" trade cooperation big data report 2018 "was released, which mainly reflects the trade data between countries, the status quo and trend forecast of" One Belt And O...
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