Brazil Exported Oil In 2014
Brazil exports 2014 on oil should more than its imports, the head of the country's Oil, Gas and Biofuels Association Mr Magda said in Tuesday.Compared with last year, when Brazil exported far less oil...
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Argentina Import Data
Mechanical and electrical products are the first category of Argentina's imports from China. Imports from January to march totaled 760 million us dollars, down 26.1%, accounting for 40.8% of Argentina...
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Argentina Imports and Exports List
Argentina's main exports are corn, wheat, soybeans, grains, beef and mutton, seafood, wine, dairy products, automobile, aircraft, mineral resources are oil, natural gas, coal, iron, silver, uranium, l...
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Argentina Export Data
In the first three months of 2017, Argentina's imports and exports of goods totaled $26.42 billion, up 4.7 percent from the same period last year, according to statistics Argentina. Among them, the Ar...
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World Trade Statistics 2016
On April 12th the world trade organization (WTO) released its report about world trade statistics 2016. The report shows that the decline in global trade in goods narrowed in 2016, and China continue...
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China's Trade Data With African Countries In 2016
In the world trade data 2016, China's trade data with African countries stand out. According to China's customs statistics, China's imports and exports with Africa totaled $149.12 billion in 2016. Of ...
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