Global Trade Statistics 2016
According to the world Trade organization's official 2016 global Trade statistics, it includes the overall volume of Merchandise Trade and Commercial Service Trade in terms of imports and exports in 2...
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World Trade Statistics 2015
In the first few months of 2015, a series of economic data, including quarterly GDP statistics and surveys of business sentiment, pointed to a solid recovery in the European Union, slowing output grow...
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Brazil's Import and Export Trade Surplus In 2015
Brazil posted a surplus of $19.681 billion due to the devaluation of its currency, despite a sharp drop in Brazil imports and exports 2015, the ministry of industry and trade announced Thursday. Brazi...
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World Trade Statistics 2014
Strong exchange rate volatility, including about 15% appreciation of the dollar against other currencies since 2014, further complicates the picture.The collapse of global oil prices in 2014 (down 47%...
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China's Trade Situation In 2014 International Trade Statistics
According to customs statistics, in international trade statistics 2014, China's total import and export value of 26.43 trillion yuan, a year-on-year growth of 2.3%, including exports of 14.39 trillio...
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BASF debuts Sercadis in Portugal
BASF has presented its fungicide, Sercadis (fluxapyroxad - trade-marked as Xemium 300 g/litre), in Portugal.BASF has presented its fungicide, Sercadis (fluxapyroxad - trade-marked as Xemium 300 g/litr...
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