Pesticide License Must be Applied for Before August 1. 800,000 Agricultural Dealers Face a Major Shuffle

date of issue:2019-08-04     Source: Agrow

Is August 1st an impassable barrier?

The new Pesticide Management Regulations stipulate that the state should implement the pesticide business license system, and applying for the pesticide business license is the first step to legalize the identity and operation of pesticide operators. August 1, 2018, will be a barrier for 60,000 city and County Agricultural distributors and 800,000 agricultural retailers. Why do we say that?

Because all pesticide operators must reach the prescribed pesticide business license conditions before August 1 this year and apply for the Pesticide Business License according to law. After August 1, selling pesticides without a license will be illegal and will be eliminated from the whole field of agricultural sales.

The provincial agricultural authorities in charge of the application for the Pesticide Business License have issued detailed implementation rules. Through the small-scale system, the following six aspects are sorted out:

(1)Having a secondary school degree or more in agronomy, plant protection, pesticides and other related specialties or more than 56 hours of study experience in professional education and training institutions, familiarizing themselves with pesticide management regulations, mastering pesticide and pest control expertise, and being able to guide managers in the safe and rational use of pesticides;

(2)There are no less than 30 square meters of business places and no less than 50 square meters of storage places, which are effectively separated from other commodities, living areas, and drinking water sources; those engaged in other agricultural inputs should have relatively independent pesticide business areas;

(3)Business places and warehousing places shall be equipped with ventilation, fire fighting, poisoning prevention and other facilities, including shelves, counters and other facilities and equipment suitable for the types and types of pesticides they handle;

(4)There are traceable electronic information code scanning and identification equipment and computer management system for recording electronic accounts of pesticide purchase, storage, and sale;

(5) There are management systems and post-operation rules such as purchase inspection, accounting records, safety management, safety protection, emergency disposal, warehousing management, pesticide waste recovery and disposal, use guidance, etc.
(6) Other conditions prescribed by the Ministry of Agriculture.

These conditions are really at a loss for many people who still operate agricultural products according to the old model and tradition.

In fact, the implementation of the new regulations reflects the determination of the state to attach great importance to the safety of pesticide use, standardize market competition, purify pesticide market and improve food supply safety. Agricultural operators must recognize the form and keep up with the trend so that they will not fall behind in this change and turn this barrier into a new take-off platform.

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Turn the crisis into an opportunity, take advantage of a change to create a new take-off platform!
The implementation of the new regulations gives all agricultural operators a choice. Do you want to be big or small?

If you want to do a big job, you can't cope with it: if you don't have or lack knowledge of agriculture and plant protection before, you should continue to study and improve your learning consciousness and professional ability in an all-around way; business places and warehousing places should not only meet the standards of area but also actively put in place various facilities to create a modern business environment; we should seriously establish and improve various management systems and operation processes, and also. In manual bookkeeping, even if the computer, Wechat do not contact, we should actively learn and improve, because the traditional husband and wife shop and the original way of operation are really going to be eliminated.

As for the retrospective electronic information code scanning equipment, we should not try to be cheap, nor seek new and expensive blindly. We should not only consider the current needs, but also consider the future needs, and consider the need to enhance business.
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