The Role of Customs Import Database

date of issue:2020-01-14     Source: Agrow
As an important foreign trade resource, customs import database has always been an important way for foreign traders to develop customers. However, there are still questions about how to use customs data to develop customers and whether customs data is useful.

What is customs import databose?
Customs data refers to the real document records extracted from the "customs form, bill of lading, commodity inspection" of customs import and export statistics of all countries in the world. Through customs data, enterprises can open up markets, make production plans, find foreign buyers, understand competitors, and monitor customer dynamics. Customs data can be said to be an indispensable trade assistance tool for foreign trade enterprises. Chinese style

Is customs import database useful?
The answer to this question is obvious and certainly useful. However, many companies that have purchased customs data think that customs data does not play a role. The reasons may be caused by the following three problems:

Problem 1: many customer information does not have email or other contact information. In the customs data, it is inevitable that many foreign trade companies have only transaction information and no specific contact information. At this time, it takes time to collect customer information. In fact, in addition to the lack of contact information mentioned here, there are two situations. One is that the contact information of customers is filled into the database through exhibitions, Google or other Internet search technology mobile phones, and the other is that customers import and use the identity of their freight forwarders or other third parties, that is to say, the contact information is third-party. This also explains why a lot of the time after sending a development letter to a customer, there is no response. I'd like to tell you that customs data is only used for market analysis. On the one hand, import and export data can be used to mine potential foreign customers, on the other hand, it can also investigate competitors and pay attention to their latest developments.

Problem 2: low response rate and low customer quality. After purchasing the customs data, it also spent a lot of time to collect the background information of customer contact information, to sort out the materials, but after the development letter was sent out, it has not been replied, and the response rate is too low. At this time, the real effect of customs data is doubted. In fact, there are many reasons for this situation. It may be that the contact information filled in by the customer company on the customs documents is not the specific person in charge of procurement, or there is a problem with the delivery time and quality of the development letter.

Problem 3: there are few customs, and the customs providing data is not their own target market. This is a problem for all customs data, because the sales of customs data are from customs that have already published customs data. In fact, the data function is greater than the contact function. Customer transaction records provided by customs data are far more important than customer contact information. After all, mailboxes can be found in other ways, but customs data is not.

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