Argentina Import Data

date of issue:2019-06-01     Source: Agrow
Mechanical and electrical products are the first category of Argentina's imports from China. Imports from January to march totaled 760 million us dollars, down 26.1%, accounting for 40.8% of Argentina's total imports from China. Chemicals, the second largest category of imports, fell 2.3 percent to $210 million from January to march, accounting for 11.5 percent of Argentina's total imports. In addition, imports of textiles, raw materials, transportation equipment, furniture, toys and other major imports increased one after another, with imports of us $200 million, us $190 million and us $100 million, up 37.1%, 41.6% and 25.4%, respectively, accounting for 26.8% of the total Argentina import data. In addition, imports of base metals and products fell 22.4 percent to us $100 million, accounting for 5.4 percent of Argentina's total imports from China. In these products, Brazil, the United States and Germany are China's main competitors.

In addition, Argentina's bilateral imports and exports of goods with China were $2.38 billion from January to March, up 4 percent. Among them, Argentina exported 520 million us dollars to China, up by 87.2%, accounting for 4.1% of its total exports, up by 1.9 percentage points. Argentina imported $1.86 billion from China, down 7.5 percent or 13.5 percent of its total imports, down 2.2 percentage points. The Afghan trade deficit was $1.34 billion, down 22.7 percent.
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