Argentina Imports and Exports List

date of issue:2019-05-30     Source: Agrow
Argentina main exports are corn, wheat, soybeans, grains, beef and mutton, seafood, wine, dairy products, automobile, aircraft, mineral resources are oil, natural gas, coal, iron, silver, uranium, lead, tin, gypsum, sulfur and so on. Proven reserves: oil 28.800 million barrels, 763.5 billion cubic meters of natural gas, 600 million tons of coal, 300 million tons of iron, and 2 tons of uranium.940000 tons. It also have abundant water resources. Forests cover about one third of the country's total area. Coastal fisheries are rich in resources.

On March 13, El Pais reported that the Argentine government is preparing a list of 100 imported goods, aiming to raise import tariffs on these goods. The list will be presented this week and then submitted to the three other members of Mercosur (Uruguay, Brazil and Paraguay) for approval, the report said.

The move to raise import tariffs is based on the agreement reached at the December summit of the south China trade and economic cooperation (SADC) that, in order to resist the impact of the global economic crisis, SADC member countries can increase import tariffs on 100 goods on the basis of common external tariffs, which is within the range of 35% stipulated by the WTO.

A series of trade protection measures recently adopted by the Argentine government have aroused the dissatisfaction of some Latin American countries in and outside the Mercosur. Some enterprises in the automobile, clothing, food and printing industries in Uruguay have stopped production because of this, and more than 700 people have been laid off to eat social security. The government has made representations to the Argentine side on many occasions. Chile, Peru, Colombia and Mexico are also preparing joint appeals against Argentina's import restrictions.
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