China Customs Trade Data and China Classified Statistics

date of issue:2019-07-03     Source: Agrow

1.China customs trade data

China customs trade data, also known as with the enterprise China customs data, or with the enterprise China customs import and export data. China customs data includes detailed information such as enterprise name, country of production and sale, port of entry and trade mode, including short field China customs data (CCD25), long field China customs data (CCD42) and China detailed product name data (CAD). China customs trade data are generally provided and inquired by 8-bit customs code, or by enterprise name or 10-bit enterprise code.

2.Classified statistical data of China

China's classified statistical data (CSD) are generally provided by the first 6 digit customs codes or 8 digit customs codes, the first 4 digit customs codes and the first 2 digit customs codes, or by the country of production and sale, port and mode of trade.

China's classified statistics (CSD), also known as China's statistics, or China's import and export statistics, is the import and export statistics derived from various classified statistics based on China customs statistics, including:
1)China trade flow data (CTF). Import and export statistics based on China's customs data by country of origin;

2)List of China's import and export enterprises (CIE). Based on China's customs data according to China's import and export enterprises classification statistics and import and export enterprises survey data formed;

3)China monthly total data (CTMD). Aggregate data based on monthly classified statistics of China customs data;

4) Annual total data of China (CTYD). The aggregate data based on the classified statistics of Chinese customs data by year.

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