China's Overseas Trade Statistics

date of issue:2019-07-05     Source: Agrow
Overseas trade statistics: overseas trade statistics generally refer to the import and export statistics released by the general administration of customs. The sea customs data refer to the statistical data of import and export trade conducted by the customs according to law. The customs data shall be collected, examined, submitted and corrected by the general statistics department of the customs administration. The collection shall be submitted to the directly affiliated customs through EDI by each port, and then sent to the general administration of customs by the directly affiliated customs.

As of September 2018, Chinese enterprises have invested 36.63 billion us dollars in 113 cooperation zones that are starting to take shape in 46 countries, with 4,663 enterprises in the zones and 3.08 billion us dollars in taxes paid by host countries. Among them, in the 82 cooperation zones under construction in 24 countries along the "One Belt And One Road", the accumulative investment is $30.45 billion, with 4,098 enterprises in the zone and $2.19 billion of taxes paid to the host country. The 20 cooperation zones that have passed the appraisal have invested $201.3 billion, 873 enterprises have entered the zone, and $2.12 billion of taxes and fees have been paid to the host country.

From January to September 2018, 113 cooperation zones invested an additional $4.7 billion and paid host country taxes and fees of $650 million. Among them, 82 cooperation zones in countries along the "One Belt And One Road" have increased investment by 4.13 billion us dollars and paid host country taxes by 490 million us dollars. An additional $1.67 billion was invested in the 20 cooperation zones identified and assessed, and $430 million was paid in taxes and fees to the host country.
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