China's Trade Data With African Countries In 2016

date of issue:2019-05-24     Source: Agrow
In the world trade data 2016, China's trade data with African countries stand out. According to China's customs statistics, China's imports and exports with Africa totaled $149.12 billion in 2016. Of this total, China exported us $92.22 billion to Africa and imported us $56.90 billion from Africa.

From the point of China and African countries trade, import and export of the top 10 countries in Africa, respectively ($35.344 billion) in South Africa, Angola ($15.629 billion), Egypt ($10.993 billion), Nigeria ($10.664 billion), Ethiopia ($10.177 billion), Algeria ($7.986 billion), Ghana ($5.976 billion), Kenya ($5.688 billion), Tanzania ($3.881 billion) and Morocco ($3.631 billion).

It is worth noting that as one of the two largest economies in Africa, South Africa has been China's largest trading partner in Africa for seven consecutive years, while China has been South Africa's largest trading partner, export market and source of imports for eight consecutive years.

On the other hand, Ethiopia, Kenya and Tanzania, the "three east African giants" with the best development momentum in East Africa, all became China's top 10 trading partners in Africa in 2016. According to the world bank's global economic preview 2017 report, Ethiopia ranked first in East Africa in economic growth in 2017, with an estimated economic growth rate of 8.9%. Tanzania is second, with economic growth forecast at 7.1 percent in 2017. Kenya is in third place, with economic growth projected at 6 percent in 2017.
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