Chinese Trade Data and Analysis

date of issue:2019-07-09     Source: Agrow
According to China's trade data and analysis statistics, the total value of China's import and export of goods totaled 27.79 trillion yuan in 2017, ranking the first in the world for many years in a row, with an increase of 14.2%, reversing the previous two consecutive years of decline. Among them, exports totaled 15.33 trillion yuan, up 10.8 percent. Imports totaled 12.46 trillion yuan, up 18.7 percent. The trade surplus narrowed 14.2 percent to 2.87 trillion yuan. The most eye-catching is China's mechanical and electrical products, exports of 8.95 trillion yuan, an increase of 12.1% over the average export growth, accounting for 58.4% of China's total exports.

According to China's trade data and analysis statistics, in 2017 China's import and export trade mainly 40 countries data, data showed that the total bilateral trade with China's top ten countries and regions have the United States, Japan, South Korea, Germany, Taiwan, Australia, the Netherlands, Singapore, Vietnam, India, of which up to 6 countries in Asia, two countries of Europe, North America, Oceania. The average growth rate of 18.4%, is still in the high speed growth, with the Dutch trade growth of 30.9%, with Vietnam increases by 30.2%, the performance is quite attractive. The trade volume between the US and China reached a staggering us $637.97 billion and the deficit reached us $377.23 billion, which was also the major factor that triggered the trade war between China and the US.

The top ten countries and regions of China's foreign exports are the United States, Japan, South Korea, the Netherlands, Germany, Mexico, India, Vietnam, Britain and Canada. What makes people a little surprised is that the Netherlands and Mexico actually import more from China than Germany and many other well-known countries. Although the total trade volume between Mexico and China is only 80.86 billion us dollars, the import volume from China is as high as 74.15 US dollars, with a trade deficit of 67.44 billion US dollars.
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