Customs Import Database Introduction

date of issue:2019-07-01     Source: Agrow
The China Customs Statistical Yearbook, compiled by the general administration of customs of the People's Republic of China, publishes detailed statistical data on China's foreign trade on an annual basis.

The China customs import database covers all contents of the China customs statistical yearbook from 2002 to 2015, with about 15 million pieces of data. The import and export quantity and amount data of commodities with 8-bit customs code for all countries (regions) in the world are counted, and the data are comprehensive, reliable and internationally comparable. China customs statistics is based on the actual import and export goods as an object of the statistics and analysis by collecting, sorting, processing, import and export goods customs declaration or other approval of the customs declaration documents for import and export goods (heavy) the number of varieties, amount, price, country (region), business unit, overseas destination and domestic destination, domestic supply of goods, trade way, the mode of transportation.

China customs import database provides accurate import and export statistical information, helps all sectors of society to understand the annual import and export dynamic information, provides an important basis for the formulation of national foreign trade policies, and provides strong decision-making support for production and operation.
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