Export Import Report

date of issue:2019-06-17     Source: Agrow
The export import report shows that China's import volume has grown rapidly in the past five years, and its average contribution rate to world import growth has exceeded 22%. It is currently the world's second largest importing country and the largest export destination country in 51 countries.

The export import report provides an in-depth analysis of the structure of China's imported products: In 2016, the first and second largest products imported by China were non-agricultural primary products and high-tech products. Among them, the United States, Japan and Germany are the main import sources of high-tech products and ultra-high-tech products in China, and the market share of related products in three countries in China exceeds 50%. However, except the United States, Japan, and Australia, China is still not a major export destination for developed countries. Medium and high-tech products in many countries, including the United Kingdom, France, the Netherlands, and Italy, have a higher market share in the world market than in the Chinese market. This shows that in the field of medium and high technology products, China's imports from these countries still have room for further expansion.

The research results of the export import report also show that moderate imports will not impact local economic development. Instead, they can serve the economic construction by making full use of the factors of production in the world, especially advanced production factors and domestic scarcity factors. Consumer goods introduce competition, promote local economic transformation and industrial upgrading, thereby promoting high-quality economic development.
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