Global Trade Statistics 2016

date of issue:2019-05-22     Source: Agrow
According to the World Trade Organization's official 2016 global trade statistics, it includes the overall volume of Merchandise Trade and Commercial Service Trade in terms of international trade imports and exports in 2016, as well as growth.

According to the statistics of global Trade in 2016, the scale of World Commercial Service Trade in 2016 increased compared with that in 2015. Exports were $4.77 trillion, up 0.1 percent, while imports were $4.645 trillion, up 0.5 percent.

According to WTO official statistics, in 2016 the global trade in services exports top 10 without too big change, the United States remains the world's first, occupy 15.4% share, followed by the UK (6.9%), Germany (5.6%), France (4.9%), China (4.3%), Netherlands (3.7%), Japan (3.5%), India (3.4%), Singapore (3.1%) and Irish (3.1%).

In terms of imports, Asia has shown relatively high growth and has become the fastest growing region in terms of service imports. China ranks second in the world, accounting for 9.7% of the world's imports of services. Ireland fell two places to fifth (4.1%). The United States still leads the world in terms of overall import and export volume, with a total value of $1.215 trillion. China's imports and exports totaled us $65.6 billion, including us $44.9 billion in imports and US $20.7 billion in exports.

According to the global trade statistics 2016, the scale of global trade in services increased slightly in 2016, except that the rapid development of Asia accelerated the pace of global trade in services. The apparent decline in trade in goods was also a key factor in the growth of trade in services. But our country still occupies the global goods trade volume first, the import amount second position.
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