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Import and Export Database
Of 33 Trading Countries And Regions

Our enormous trade intelligence database, integrates over 8,000,000 entries every month from 33 countries importing and exporting from the global and updates monthly, you can know the buyer's shipping data as like purchase price, purchase volume, cycle, supply chain and other detailed real records.

And intelligent trade analysis system, classifies billions of trade records by Search Engine and Data Analysis Technique to create various professional reports and charts according to all kinds of requirements.
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1200 Million Buyers List
Expand More Potential Customers Quickly

Our database has more than 130 million traceable companies, allows you to quickly find buyers and suppliers who export the exact targets you need, also including key decision makers name, email, phone, social media, etc... At the same time, we also send potential customers in the supply chain, such as factories, distributors, engineering companies and shopping malls.
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  • List of Purchasers
    List of Purchasers
  • Senior Management Contact Information
    Senior Management Contact Information
  • Purchaser Transaction Records
    Purchaser Transaction Records
  • Purchaser Analysis
    Purchaser Analysis

Data analysis the global import and export country distribution
Professional reports and charts for sales

Our trade analysis system, classifies 10 billions of trade records by Search Engine and Data Analysis, can basically analyze the distribution of import and export trade data of your products, customs details, purchasing habits, procurement heat, price, heat, etc., positioning products, and efficient sales, reducing unnecessary cost of sales and risk
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  • Target Market Analysis
    Target Market Analysis
  • Country of Origin
    Country of Origin
  • Destination Port
    Destination Port
  • Trading Trends
    Trading Trends
  • Trading Detail
    Trading Detail

Detailed charts and data views buyers and suppliers and competitors

Market top10 buyers and suppliers analysis, detailed market share and ranking analysis, let you better understand yourself
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  • Summary of Importers and Exporters
    Summary of Importers and Exporters
  • Top Ten Exporters
    Top Ten Exporters
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