Introduction About Database

date of issue:2019-06-27     Source: Agrow
The country statistical database of China was first established in 2008 and was newly established in 2013. It provides monthly, quarterly and annual census, regional, sectoral and international social and economic statistics. The population data can be retrieved directly or found in the annual data. It provides a variety of file output, including tabulation, drawing, indicators, visual charts and geographic information data.

How to optimize the country statistical database?

One, reducing disk access.

We all know that disk reads are slow, and many times the database access bottleneck is here. The main methods to reduce disk access are reasonable use of index and access data only through indexes. The former is to pay attention to avoid index failure and the latter means reasonable use of upgraded indexes.  Besides, optimize SQL execution plan is also a good method for disk access reducing.

Two, reducing network transmission.

Paging query: different data SQL statement paging is written differently. The form that “select * from table” should be reduced.

Third, reducing CPU overhead.

Use bound variables (avoid hard parsing), rational use sort and reduce comparison operations, reduce computation in CPU.

Fourth, reducing the number of interactions.

Batch commit. It means when updating 10,000 pieces of data, avoid 10,000 operations with the database. Commit only once. Use stored procedures appropriately,processing result records using cursors.

Fifth, increasing resources.

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