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Shanghai NCB Consultation CO., Ltd has been cultivating the agrochemical industry for many years and has a huge sales, consulting, and customer team, relying on our big data.
Over 20 years of industry leading experts assist companies to customize your professional report.

As the compliance requirements to supplier are getting tighter, we have developed company reports, so as to help the purchasers better understand the stewardship of Chinese suppliers, also the reports may help the suppliers to know the competitor situation and enhance the product portfolio and compliance. The company reports cover the import/export record, licenses/registrations, supporting GLP data situation, operating rate, major risk items, etc, which give an overall picture of the company and its portfolio.
Developing Agrochemical Formulations - New Challenges, Solutions and Trends
Editor's Note: The formulation plays an essential role in achieving the successful delivery and biological activity of any plant protection product, while its development is facing a series of new cha...
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