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Shanghai NCB Consultation CO., Ltd has been cultivating the agrochemical industry for many years and has a huge sales, consulting, and customer team, relying on our big data.
Over 20 years of industry leading experts assist companies to customize your professional report.

We develop market reports based on our understanding of the target market, and our analysis of the import/export records database. The market reports contain the fundamental introduction to the market, key crop analysis, portfolio analysis, price/business mode analysis, synergy analysis, market dynamic analysis/predict, and local company establishment. The market reports will help companies better understand the practice of the target market, and improve the business operations.
How to Speed up Pesticide Registration in PMRA?
1. Overview of Main Crops and Pesticide MarketBrief Intro of Main Crops and Pesticide Market in CanadaTop Ten Products in Each Category2. Product Registration and DistributionData Requirements for Tec...
Release time:2019-03-07 classify:Market
Stepan Company: Structured Surfactants as Rheology Modifiers in Agricultural Product Formulations
History of structured liquidsStructured liquids in agrochemical formulations Identifying structuring componentsRheological properties of structured liquidsStructuring in the presence of electrolytes o...
Release time:2019-03-07 classify:Market
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